Creating a career space that works for everyone

As the founder and owner of Who's Hiring Now Career Services I want to first thank you for stopping by my work in progress. My goal for my business is to help people find the career they love, and not just another J.O.B., because when you look for a job, you are keeping yourself Just Over Broke.

When you set out on a career, each new position is another stepping stone of your success. Granted, not all of those stones will be successful, some may fail, but taking those steps is far more important than the failure. Failure is an opportunity to learn, and usually it is the failures that stick with us as the lessons we never forget, nor repeat. I have put out several versions of the concept I am building here on this website. Learning from the mistakes and failures of the past, I am confident I have the pieces ready now to create the career site employers, recruiters, job seekers, entrepreneurs, and even those seeking to stay home to work, can utilize to further their careers.